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There’s a new generation out there called “Gen C” that is familiar with technology, relies on mobile communications and desires to remain in contact with large networks of family members, friends, business contacts and others. This group will transform how we work and how we consume. Gen C is adept at understanding the many changes taking place in our new digital world. They are dually qualified to be our new leaders in the information and communication technology (ICT) industries.O ur business consultants are ready to help entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups, SME businesses and middle-market companies improve their performance.

IMT Group clearly understands every company’s challenges are unique. Most boil down to issues in certain areas in operations, technology and finance along with marketplace issues regarding channels, customers and competition. We offer services to Family and Private Equity owners that address the often vexing puzzles regarding company management, systems and customers.

Our goal is not to determine the exact shape of the future or to promote a particular vision of that future, but rather to investigate the trends that we believe will affect the next decade, and to define the parameters of what should be an ongoing debate about what that future will look like and how business leaders should respond.

Business Marketing

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You can have the best business idea, product or service, but if you do not have the wherewithal to get the word out about your offerings, you will be left “playing to an empty room”.

It is essential to utilize all the readily available virtual online tools, namely social media and internet marketing to “sing your praises” to a standing ovation. Our team can help you get on the right track!


Freelancer / Virtual Assistant

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We do not only offer a variety of online digital services, but we also provide talented freelancers and VA’s (Virtual Assistants).

Our Account Executives and Expert Consultants will walk you through all the steps necessary to become an active participant in this exciting new online virtual business marketplace we are all adapting to.

  • General Virtual Assistance

  • Web Development

  • Content Writing

  • Audio & Video Editing


Iaas / Paas / Saas – Powerful and Simple

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We are committed to making sure our cloud is easy for even the smallest businesses to use. Combining compute flexibility, easy-to-use UI, powerful API, and extensive documentation, IMT’s cloud helps you save time on infrastructure, platform and software so you can focus on building your business.

We make it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow – with an intuitive control panel, predictable pricing, team accounts and more. We ensure your cloud bills are predictable and affordable, while providing your business with a range of powerful compute options and networking tools that will scale with your business.


Visa and Immigration Consultation

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We represent a team of experienced Visa and Immigration Consultants with decades of combined experience in solving visa problems and helping our clients.  We choose what visa suits your situation best and will consult with you accordingly, and work on your case with dedication. With our connections, we can get nearly every visa approved and get the job done. Smart visa, Business Visa, Investment Visa, Marriage Visa, Retirement Visa and more…


More Than a Supply Chain

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We go beyond the traditional supply chain. We’re committed to achieving extraordinary results for our partners, harnessing the full power of technology, executional experience, strategic thinking and a dedicated, synergistic partnership.

As a logistic solutions provider, we make it simple to shop for the best delivery option for your small business ,with clear and easy pricing from vetted, high quality carriers.


Accounting and Tax services

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We cooperate with a few highly skilled accountants who are not only great in the main bookkeeping task, but are especially helpful in optimizing optimize structural areas within our 100% automated accounting system. We also abide with all tax laws to help keep companies operating 100% legally.

  • Monthly Reports to the revenue department
  • Monthly Vat Tax Reports
  • Paying of social security for staff
  • Delivering Quarterly reports (for internal statistics and optimization)
  • End of Year reports

Board of Investment (BOI) Application

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Thailand Board of Investment has formulated criteria for projects applying for incentives and privileges. These depend on the location of the promoted activities and whether these are priorities or not. To be eligible for a BOI Thailand promotion, your business has to fall within either of these categories:

  • Section 1: Agriculture and Agricultural Products;
  • Section 2: Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals;
  • Section 3: Light Industry;
  • Section 4: Metal Products, Machinery, and Transport Equipment;
  • Section 5: Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances;
  • Section 6: Chemicals, Paper, and Plastics;
  • Section 7: Services and Public Utilities; and
  • Section 8: Technology and Innovation Development.

Family and Citizenship Law Consultation

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In Thailand, the legal system of family law and citizenship is extremely diverse, and is based on the European civil law model with the main influence being from France’s civil law system, primarily codified in the country’s Civil and Commercial Code.

  1. Child Adoption
  2. Child Custody
  3. Divorce
  4. Marriage
  5. Pre-Marital / Prenuptial Agreements
  6. Wills / Estate Administration
  7. Citizenship / Dual Citizenship
  8. Surrogacy Law

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